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orla rolls into town!



I took a little jaunt by train to New York today to attend the launch of Orla Kiely’s new paper line this morning. Due to hit stores in the US within the next few weeks {and already out in the UK}, the line is super cute, full of wonderful details, and a great extension of Orla’s well-known clothing and accessory collection. Orla herself was super nice, too! Oh, and that image up top is a tram in Hong Kong that Orla decorated with her signature multi-color stem print..what an amazing ride that would be…

{Orla Kiely’s paper line will be available in the US at select Anthropologie stores, MoMA, and Twig, and more soon…}


  1. not to be all braggy, but they were out in charleston, sc last weekend and worthwhile on king. i bought a notebook – and they are the cutest!

  2. ooh, how i love her suitcases. can’t seem to spring for one so a notebook will have to stand in for now. would love to see my bag just spinning around at the airport amongst the ordinary black roller ones. alas…wanderlust.

  3. That bus is fierce! I want everything! I don’t know if anyone here will carry it but luckily, we won a few pieces from Holly’s giveaway!

  4. Upon first glance, reading your title and seeing that bus I thought that was in New York and I started cracking up thinking how that would have gone over! 🙂 The British are coming! The British are coming!
    We SO need more creative public transportation in this world. Love that photo. So much.
    Did you have fun at the event? What was it like?

  5. the tram went past me this morning on my way in to work (i’m currently in hong kong on business). it is impossibly fantastic, as is the shop at times square here in hk.

  6. yay!! i was on that tram just yesterday 🙂
    there are some other HOT trams in hong kong at the moment… haha… the anteprima ones are also very eyecatching.


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