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  1. These hats are gorgeous! Wish I could have a “hat” face. A couple of days ago we were discussing with some friends about hat use. We concluded that if you don’t have a really harmonious face structure, hats will not be that flattering. In my case I prefer using more covering styles, such as a bucket hat.
    Love your blog!

  2. These hats are adorable! It’s so tricky to wear hats without feeling stupid. I have quiet a collection, but I rarely put one one. They could either make you feel super special or super self conscious.
    These are great for not so tall people, because they have such short brim and don’t make you look like a mushroom.
    Lovely blog you got here.

  3. I love hats…these are so cute. I’ve got only 2 hats. Can’t really say i hv a hat face, but i do look 10 years younger in them.
    Helen: it’s ok to look like a mushroom, haha!

  4. This post makes me glad that I have a hat face. I almost always wear a cloche my grandmother bought me for Christmas. But then, I live in Portland and don’t think wearing hats is all that unusual. We prefer them to umbrellas.


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