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{great packaging blog}: the dieline



For those of you who love packaging design as much as I do, check out The Dieline which I just came across this morning. It’s chuck-full of great packaging design work…a visual treat for the eyes and especially for the graphic design nerd in some of us! Here are a few recent pieces spotted on The Dieline.

{left to right, top to bottom: wine bottles by Duffy & Partners, food packaging from Daylesford Organic, Japanese matchbooks, Beehive honey packaging by Little Fury, and Lovejoy Vodka by ID Branding.}


  1. Great packaging! I want to buy the product because of it- I guess that’s the point of marketing! I would use the lovejoy vodka bottles for flowers after the vodka is gone. Line them up in a row and put a posey in each and you have a great tablesetting! And think of the stories you can tell about how that vodka was used!

  2. Thanks for the tip! The food package w/ the hearts is pretty great…and I’ve been loving that vodka packaging since I first saw it!

  3. yay you found my favorite packaging blog too! very cool stuff~my daily source for inspiration along with your blog too!

  4. I am a packaging collector (love labeling on stuff… cosmetic tubes, bottles, potting soil/food bags, whatever). You all seem to be packaging fans like myself rather than designers (~wish I was!~)… Can anyone recommend me some other good packaging-fan ‘worship’ sites? ( was good, btw)

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