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  1. The “poufy” clothing trend does not do it for me, either. However, that first dress is gorgeous & seems much more structured than the other two. I’m quite smitten with it, actually.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. i love marimekko, but whenever i try on a marimekko pattern, i look like i’m drowning in it. at 4’11”, it totally swallows me!

  3. Ahhh! The print on the on far right is also an anthroplogie top, it’s on sale and I was just contemplating buying it last night! Too funny. (It’s a little poufy, but not too bad.)

  4. Have you seen the Marimekko-inspired pieces at H&M? I found a v.v. cool black and white linen shift dress there. They also have a bunch of bright patterns on scarves and other accessories. Love the pops of pattern and color!


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