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  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks so much for your nice comments! I really enjoyed designing this line and it’s so nice when people respond well to your new creations 😉

  2. Joy these are so lovely! The patterns, the scalloped edges – I love everything about them. Oh, especially that top book – it’s the same colour that I just painted some of my art room walls! And I’m ‘little book’ mad. I can’t wait til you ship to Australia. If, one day, you ship to Australia!!

  3. Hi Lexy!
    Thanks for your nice words! I just started offering international shipping! It’s not yet set up on the site, but if have the option to email me your preferred order and I can tell you shipping rates.

  4. These are absolutely stunning. So inspiring and perfect to look at before opening them up to sketch, doodle, write, scribble, paste and put little reminders in. I saw some of your items at the MoMA art store in NYC too! They looked awesome (definitely stood out amongst the other paper creations).


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