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the small details…amy & leo



One of the best things about having this blog has been the people I’ve met and have become friends or acquaintances with through our shared interests and pursuits. I was thrilled to see fellow Philly textile designer, t-shirt designer, blogger, and pal Amy Volshin’s wedding in the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings. I was lucky enough to see some of her own photos last year, but its even cooler to see the Martha Stewart take on Amy & Leo’s beautiful day and the amazing personal details they contributed. Congrats guys! Here’s a sneak peek….check out the new Summer 08 issue for the rest.

{photos by Marcus Nilsson from Martha Stewart Weddings, bird topper by Ann Wood & stationery by Bird & Banner}


  1. Is it wrong that I want those adorable birds even though I’m not getting married? I don’t know…they could be my nightstand toppers or something…


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