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  1. beautiful print… look at those lips too… I can never pull off a lip like that.. I’m sure you can! and also.. those cookies below.. to die for!

  2. I love this, mainly because the girl on the left looks nothing like she’d ride a skateboard. I myself board and when I tell people they are always surprised. Girly-girls can cruise too!

  3. ooooh. i love these pics. i wish so badly that i could wear those bubbly dresses. i just look silly in them. they fall funny on me. but it looks great on her! and she looks cute with the skateboard…totally not what you would think a skater girl would look like. fun pics!

  4. Indeed, I wish I could be her! Or perhaps be friends with someone like her.
    I love the juxtaposition of the very soft and feminine with the fun, knee-scraping skateboard.


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