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  1. We stayed there in May while in Mexico City and it’s as lovely as it looks. They also have fantastic food, drinks and free bicycles for guests to check out the neighborhood!

  2. I went to the rooftop bar there last summer. It was incredibly indulgent. Wish I had enough money to stay there. The hotel shop was pretty incredible too.

  3. My husband & I spent our anniversary there last November. The hotel was just as fabulous & as it looks. Also great service.
    I think Mexico City is very underrated. It is releatively affordable to get there & it is a very vibrant city. I think of it as the NYC of Mexico. Amazing food, art, music & culture. Check it out & definitely stay at Condesa DF!

  4. This place is INCREIBLE!! Can´t miss it when you come to mexico city! 😉 Don´t underate my country! there´s tons of places like this!


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