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  1. Ah, yes! I love the Tinctory necklaces. They are so unique, and I am so thrilled and lucky to have this beautiful jewelry line on papernstitch next month. I love the necklaces that you chose for this post, especially the colors in the necklace on the bottom right.

  2. I haven’t seen jewellery that has such a strong unique identity for ages. I love these so much. If you look on her Etsy page, she has a lush fuschia pink one. Fabulous.

  3. Jewelry is always considered to be a great asset by many people and no matter how elegant an outfit may be, it does not look complete without some piece of jewelry.
    Diva Bling Jewelry

  4. Sweet One !! Thank you for sharing such beautiful handmade necklace with us . All are looking very beautiful. I become fan of you talent. It is really very much different from other pieces of jewelry.


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