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  1. I found your blog today while searching for quatrefoil products and I love it. You have been added to my Reader 🙂 Happy Mon, NMB of Nina Knows Best

  2. Capes are so cool but so hard to pull off! My mother had one when I was little that she wore on special occasions and because of that, capes are so glam in my mind.

  3. Why does the lady only have one leg in the left photo? She has two legs in the right photo. Perhaps a bad Photoshop edit?

  4. that cape is stunning, i agree, but i don’t think i could pull it off :/
    i stumbled across your blog and love what i see! check mine out sometime 😉 i’ll definitely be following.

  5. hey guys, regarding the one-legged lady, i think she is crossing her legs? you can see a slight overlap behind the front leg.

  6. rockin’ a cape well is quite a feat, but well worth the effort. thanks for this post. and it’s funny b/c at the “i believe” part, i was hearing it in my mind like an evangelical was saying those very words wholeheartedly. gospel-preachingly. anyways, it was just a funny moment. 🙂

  7. Long ago, when I was in college, I made a lovely cape of deep maroon wool. It was about thigh length, and had a hood. I felt like such a romantic when I wore it with my knee-high suede boots. (It was a bit dramatic). Hmm…your post has me thinking that maybe it’s time to create a new one…

  8. I have a feeling capes are going to be the next big thing. Vintage fashion ebayers like Lullie Vintage, Thriftwares and mama stone vintage have been stocking them for months now and they are heavily bid on.


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