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I have fun little snippet to share with you today. The newest Fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings is all about ways to personalize your wedding day. So if you take a look on page 146, printed on top of the decks of playing cards, are photos my husband and I when we were kids! It was a fun surprise to see how the team at MS Weddings ended up using our childhood photos for this story. Thanks guys!

{photo by MS Weddings}


  1. Sooo cute!! The other day, I saw those on the Martha Stewart show with Darcy, the Weddings editor! I hope you taped it!

  2. I was just browsing your blog and thought I saw a picture of myself as a toddler! Except I was not as cute, but same haircut and look.
    Nice blog. You never did say how your pictures ended up at Martha Stewart…


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