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Designers Wedding

gorgeous inspiration…



I just came back from a wedding-full weekend of three weddings in three different cities, one of which I was in. So I am finally slowing down on wedding season {hooray}…but had to share these lovely photos with you I just came across by Robert Sukrachand of Yuli & Keith’s Upstate New York wedding…all the little details are amazing…

{via Saipua}


  1. so sweet! we had bought mustaches for all of the guests at our tiny wedding and…I forgot them last minute, oops! love to see others having this kind of fun!

  2. Does anyone know of these moustaches? I remember reading on them in one blog but can’t remember whose it was and now I’m lost. I really like the idea. Do you know where you can buy them (a webstore that ships internationally, i.e. outside the U.S.)? Or even the name of the product would be great.


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