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i’ll miss you mayle



I was reading in W that after this season, Jane Mayle’s shop will be closing and her line (for now) will come to a close. I’ve always loved her work from afar but hadn’t gotten to the point yet where I could actually buy them. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for Jane


  1. I too have always loved her clothing…and also never been able to afford it. Sad that she is closing up shop, but like valerie said above…I’m sure she has something exciting lined up.

  2. I love this lady’s haircut. I have been longing to cut my hair short like her. However, I know better. I would not look lanky and elegant like this fine betty, I would look round and stout, and much like a man.
    The inspiration is wonderful though!

  3. Hi Joy, Mayle is having their final sample sale this fri-sat so you should def try to make it out. NY mag claims prices are below wholesale so maybe you’ll be able to find a few things within budget.


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