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  1. yes, so impressive. i’m taking a tour with my sister soon… and buying lots of chocolate. speaking of which… i should be noshing on the bar in my cabinet while reading my favorite blogs!

  2. oh, their owner gave a talk in one of my classes last year–he was so impressively well-informed on ecological/social issues regarding cacao farming. i was sold.
    and yes, their bread and chocolate bar is strangely wonderful.

  3. Oh, and the chocolate! The packaging is great, but the 3400 Phinney series of bars Theo makes are divine… especially bread + chocolate and coconut curry. Yum!

  4. We went on the tour last August and got to taste many of their flavors. I think the curry chocolates were my favorites. A really great chocolate company in a cool part of town in Seattle too.

  5. Joy! Theo’s is literally down the street from our place, what a nice surprise to see a post about them, 😀 If you are ever visiting Seattle, (like everyone here suggests, 😉 pop in and try their truffles – they are so innovative and have the strangest, most delightful combinations!

  6. Their specialty confections are absolutely delightful. few of my favs are early gray, fig fennel, pear, burnt sugar, ginger, and cardamon. but all super good i believe. damn i love chocolates!
    if you’re ever in town, also try an organic gourmet ice cream shop, called Molly Moon. all homemade, and great interesting flavor choices.


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