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  1. Agreed, I have also been dreaming of summer lately. I love love love the sunshine yellow suit, but unfortunately do not think I could pull something like that off. It’s still pretty to look at though.

  2. this literally pains me. I have not shopped in so long (new homeowner, recession, bridesmaid x 2… all that fun stuff). Ouch. But thank you for the lovely things to dream about…

  3. too funny- my best friend and i were just ooohing and aahhing over the cute new suites VS put out this year! im loving all the ruffles and cuteness!

  4. I absolutely adore your blog! Thank you for all your lovely posts, I featured a post about your blog on my blog today, I just love your inspiration!

  5. I was wondering if anyone has the catalogue number for the yellow bathing suit- Victoria Secret retro-skirted one piece. It’s no longer on their website and I’m trying to call in the order but they need the catalogue number.


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