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homemade ice cream cones…

Homemade-ice-cream-cones copy

Homemade-ice-cream-cones copy

Ever since my trip to Ici in Berkeley last month, I've been dreaming of homemade ice cream cones. I haven't made any yet, but in my research, I came across some great images and recipes….{left to right, top to bottom} vanilla & chocolate tuiles by Cannelle et Vanille, tiny cones from Darcy Miller's wedding, raspberry ripple ice cream from Gourmet Traveller, and cones that started it all from Ici in Berkeley. Also, a great cone recipe {not pictured} from Martha right here


  1. thanks for sharing such delectable images! if you are craving a homemade cone, Franklin Fountain makes their waffle cones onsite!
    If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Franklin Fountain, I highly recommend it. I think you might fall in love with the store design, homemade sweets, and old school feeling.
    happy cone hunting!

  2. These cones are delightful!! By posting this you minimized a big fight that I was having with my fiance. He wants ice-cream served at the wedding and when I spotted your post I just had to blog about and of course give you all the credit. Have a look and let me know what you think…
    Thanks for saving my engagement. lol!


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