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  1. ^_+.*
    gonna crazy in love with these elegance chandeliers!
    these chandeliers remind me Chanel Style 2009 s/s collection

  2. Ohhhh, one day I’ll have a chandelier in my home. Unfortunately, right now, I live in a studio that has one overhead light fixture and that’s in the kitchen. That would make it hard to open the cabinet doors and it’s very. tiny. space. lol

  3. everytime i go in a shop with a scrillion chandeliers, i just want to take them all home and have some hot handyman install them throughout my house. just cover the ceiling with them. i am sure this sounds psycho!

  4. Chandeliers come in a variety of size, shapes and designs and can enhance the beauty of a room or hall by many folds. However, choosing proper chandelier lighting for your home is not an easy task.


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