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wood goodness



Even though wood has been popular in modern design over the past few years, there's still something so pure about pieces made of all natural wood…here are few I'm loving for the kitchen…

{left to right, top to bottom: wood/glass canisters from merchant no. 4 {via poppy}, domestic aesthetic salt + pepper shakers, hand carved silver lined bowl, london life utensil set, steve watson tea cup, and keyaki wood tea cups.}


  1. those wood pieces are gorgeous. i have a quick question. where can i buy those black animal dividers located above the philidephia inquierer ad?? they are so cute!!!

  2. I am *in love* with those canisters. They are perfect! Actually, I love it all. Natural wood, designed well, is just so pleasing to have around the house. I have a vintage danish coffee table that was not varnished, and it’s just beautiful. Thanks for these links!

  3. lovely – those wood pieces are just stunning. wood can look so amazing.
    you have been tagged at my blog for a lemonade award for great attitude and gratitude (which i am interpreting as appreciation for the lovely things in life – which you definitely have!)

  4. I love the silver-lined bowl and the utensil set. I, too, visited Africa and the home goods there are amazing! Handcrafted is definitely the way to go. For anyone interested, I became familiar with a company that has a great selection of products like this while overseas. Imagine Home takes designs home accessories and employs the impoverished in third-world countries, especially South Africa, to handcraft everything. Proceeds from sales go back to these crafters for education, resources, and overall well being. It’s really cool so check it out!


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