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  1. I’m also a fan of Hoss Intropia.
    The company that owns Zara (Inditex) has different brands directed at different customers, so I’m guessing Hoss Intropia is theirs also.

  2. I really like this shop, but it’s very hit and miss – and very expensive. I haven’t bought anything in there yet. They have great accessories, and usually clothes in the kind of colours I love – lots of green. I’m confident I will buy something in there soon!

  3. Hoss is my FAVORITE brand when is comes to clothes… My mother in law sells their clothes a long time ago and I have lots of it… and I must tell you that not only is beautiful but it has also very good quality… but a bit pricey!

  4. I just came across some Hoss dresses while visiting South Carolina last weekend. Never heard of them before, lovely stuff! Too bad their website is so s-l-o-w.


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