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  1. Oh how I am missing Blair Waldorf – and these headbands will simply have to do in her absence. Thank you for posting! I’m off to find the perfect head-dress for a dinner party in 2 weeks…Hello upper-east-siders! XO-XO.

  2. I can’t do headbands. I wear glasses and the multiple pieces of plastic tucked behind my ears play havoc with each other. I could go blind for this though. We had a J.Crew store here, but it closed about 18 months back. Sigh.

  3. Gorgeous. Blair is a head gear inspiration to me too. I posted yesterday about another lovely flower headband. I love how spring like they are!

  4. This is beautiful. I am trying my best not to shop…gotta pay rent. But, this is really beautiful and just what I need to deal with hat hair. This winter has been brutal…after I take of my hat I can put this on and look semi cute 🙂
    ps, katiecrackernuts I wear glasses as well…it can be a pain but the thin bands work out okay


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