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a letter + happy weekend…



To make the most of our last few months on the east coast, we're headed off to New York to do a pizza crawl of the best New York pizzerias! Yum! {Can't wait to visit my old stomping grounds, Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.} Will tweet from there over the weekend! Leaving you today with this gorgeous "G" by Mike Perry…have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Are you going with scott’s pizza tours? scott weiner is great! I’m with ya on making the most of these last few months in NY. I’m a textile artist myself- moving to san diego in august after almost eight years in the big apple! kind of scary!

  2. oh, i love this! lot’s of my friends call me “G”. i’m going to have to check this out. thanks for the link!
    happy pizza sampling!


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