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best. gift. ever.



Over the weekend, hubby threw me a surprise early birthday party to celebrate my upcoming 30th birthday next week. When I showed up to the restaurant and shocked to a see a bunch of my favorite people there, he pointed to my place setting which had THE bird vase from Saipua in Brooklyn! I have been in love with that birdy forever, and when Sarah blogged that she was selling them, I contacted her to try and buy one but it turns out they were all sold. The last one she sold went to my husband who had already been in touch with her to buy it for me. See noted bird above filled with an arrangement by a local Philly florist…{Thanks to my amazing husband and Sarah for the awesome covert operation!}
Best gift ever.


  1. happy birthday joy! this flower arrangement (AND the bird vase) is absolutely gorgeous! i love saipua too… i carry the soaps in my brooklyn store 🙂
    i’m loving the story of your hubby secretly getting it for you. 🙂 i had similar situation last year when i really wanted this “grace & olive” painting that marisa from creative thursday did. i was so flattered that she would be inspired to do this piece after working together with me on exhibiting her work at the store….but when i approached her about it, she said it was sold. 🙁 i had no idea that my bfriend had secretly been in touch with her to get it for me. it’s so sweet when boys can be so thoughtful 🙂 hope you had a fabulous 30th! xo

  2. hey now, not ALL your favorite people were there! haha. i wish i could have been there for it. if only california were closer to philly. such a sweet gift. that bob. what a great guy. 🙂 glad you had a good early birthday!!

  3. That was SO sweet of your husband. The soft color of your vase is gorgeous! I threw a surprise party for my BF (of five years) this weekend. His big surprise was a three-layer chocolate cake made from a Magnolia Bakery recipe. 🙂 Not as elegant, but quite tasty!

  4. Awww you two are so cute to one another! I still remember that “I heart Bob” wrapping paper you made awhile back. Happy birthday to you!

  5. nothing is better than a surprise … such a beautiful vase and I’m amazed to see purple ‘geralton wax’ flowers in the arrangement- native to the area I grew up in in Australia …made me all homesick. Happy birthday!

  6. Wow! Love your blog. Sounds like an amazing husband and thoughtful gift…
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