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{oh joy} philly home for rent



We have about a month till our move to San Diego (eek!). And, we have one last thing to take care of on our list…renting out our beloved home that we have lived in for the past 4 years. It's a 978 sq. ft. 2 bedroom/2 bath high-rise condo with huge windows, gorgeous light, amazing views (you can see the art museum on one side), and looks almost like new. Available August 1st for a long-term lease. If you're looking for a rental in Philly and would like more info, please email me at hello[at]ohjoy[dot]com. Thanks!

{ps. cat not included}


  1. I’m IN san diego right now but I WANT to live in Philly! Your home is goreous! I wish I could move there. Where in SD are you moving? If you need a tour guide let me know! 🙂

  2. What brings you to SD? You will like it here. There will be a bit of a culture shock (the natives would never tell you that…obviously I am not a native), but it’s beautiful.
    What area of San Diego?
    Welcome neighbor!

  3. I don’t need an apartment but will take the opportunity to say how I’ll miss the Philly Connect found on this blog. However looking forward to reading posts of your experiences in SF, a place I’d love to visit in the near future.

  4. I live in San Diego and work next to a store that seems to totally groove with all your beautiful things. Its called Grounded in Encinitas.

  5. We will totally have to get together with you for lunch sometime when you move out here to CA! How exciting! I’m down in San Diego sometimes, and I’m sure you’ll be up in LA. Good luck with the move and have a great trip!

  6. To ilona
    I love that blue paint too!
    “the blue wall is painted in a pearlescent paint by benjamin moore which gives it a great color & shimmer at night.”
    “…by benjamin moore color is: Latex Metallic Pearlescent Tint Base in Icy Mist”

  7. Good luck to you! I currently live in Lancaster, PA (used to live in Philly) and we’re planning to move to San Diego sometime between August and October (still shaking out some details). San Diego is a great city (really, all of California is pretty fabulous). 🙂

  8. Your cat is really cute. Did you adopt him? I was debating getting a maine coon from a breeder and than finally adopted one from the shelter.

  9. i’m joining the welcome wagon! can’t wait to have you in san diego. it’s a beautiful city with a refreshing change of pace.
    don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations, but i’m sure you’ll love to learn your way around. it’s fun to happen upon a new restaurant or antique store and feel a little more familiar with your surroundings.
    good luck with the move!

  10. so sad you are leaving that gorgeous apartment. i would move to philly only to live in your place! but please tell me – where, where did you find those beautiful pillowcases?


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