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  1. Have a wonderful time in your new home! We’re about to move as well and hopefully we will wake up to silence, which will be a bliss. Weather will stay the same unfortunately as we’ll stay within rainy West Yorkshire. I hope you will enjoy your new place. Best wishes.

  2. Welcome to San Diego! I have been here for three years and am leaving to go back East this fall. I’ll have to email you and pass on my favorite spots to enjoy, since they’ll be less one enthusiastic diner!

  3. oh those are beautiful photos. I love them. Hope you so enjoy your new home. Ocean breeze sounds too good to be true! I’m in rainy and humid Brooklyn, yuck! Can’t wait to see photos of your new space, I’m sure it will be stunning!

  4. The picture of the girl on the beach just made me realize how lucky I am to live in California! I moved here a few years ago from Georgia and never forgot how good the life is here. The first thing you will notice is how GOOD the food tastes. It’s all grown a few hours away, or closer : ) Check out the farmers markets, the mountains, the desert, and definitely do a trip up the 1 to Big Sur. In the beginning I remember thinking to myself, “when will I get back to REAL life?”


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