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  1. Oh my gosh. I must own that outfit on the left. Yellow and grey. High-waisted skirt and ruffle-lined yoke. Stripes and gingham. It’s too perfect. Love it.
    I was never a big fan of hers on PR but wow, I really like what she’s doing now!
    ~Katie Eats Cake

  2. I won a highly-promoted contest for a $50 gift certificate from her. It came with a page-long list of caveats–it’s not good on underwear, bathing suits, or sale items. Since no regularly priced merchandise under $97.50 is available, this is a coupon. And one that will get you less than 50% off an item once shipping is considered. A coupon is not a gift certificate and not worth the wonderful advertising they got from StyleForFree.
    I would like to add that what I received is a photocopied, cut piece of paper that says “This $50 certificate can be redeemed at Kara Janx,” with no code or any other way to be redeemed. It’s like one of those “hug” coupons my daughter makes me for Mother’s Day, only she hand-colors hers.
    When the editor of StyleForFree tried to work with them on this, Kara’s husband sent her an email from his company’s workplace while she was on vacation calling her an “F*in Tool”.
    Class act! I can’t believe I USED to be a huge fan!

  3. I’m sorry, but that site mentioned above is known for not running legit giveaways. The VP of the site has a knack for picking fake winners or her twin sister (Joan R. of NV) as a winner. So I can’t really blame the sponsor.


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