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  1. hi… i thought i would come on here and ask a few creative bloggers that i love and follow for some help…. i also just posted about it on my blog.
    im going to vegas this weekend with 4 other girls… one just turned 26 yesterday and the other turns 30 a few days after we get back…
    so, the other 3 of us wanted to do something a little special for them while we’re there…. probably just pay for dinner but we will all prob give them a little gift individually as well and thats where i need help.
    we are all new friends so we’re not super close… just in the stages of getting to know each other.
    i dont want anything over the top or expensive. something just sweet, thoughtful and creative… and i was wondering with all the neat things you come across or just your creativity, if you have any little ideas as a sweet gift for a friends birthday. something small and different, no what i mean? one of my friends is going to give them a card with a starbucks gift card inside but i just wanted something a little more special.
    would love to hear your thoughts! would realllly appreciate it!!!
    thank you so much for taking the time to read this. xo.

  2. Hello to you in sunny San Diego, and thanks for the link! Today I saw I had a huge spike of activity on my blog on 8-4 and followed it here :). Have a great Monday….

  3. Totally just saw this same lamp (different finish) tossed aside by the tills on my last Ikea jaunt and just loved it. Almost bought it just because I thought it was silly that someone else had decided a the last minute not to!

  4. Beautiful! I missed this when I was in my local IKEA last week… I’ll have to make a point of finding it on my next visit. I did get an adorable serving tray and some Ribba frames. Isn’t it great that they’ve reduced the prices on the frames this year? Now I can frame up a whole bunch of things, but do I have enough wall space for them all? Hmmm…

  5. I’ve had my eye on this IKEA lamp for some time for the dresser in my closet, but I only like the look of it when it’s lit. But, now that I see it here..I think I need to go to IKEA!


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