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crabulous in {laguna beach}…


As an East Coaster at heart,
I've had my fair share of crabs in the New England area. But wow
– the Dungeness Crab in garlic butter sauce (fried on a wok, no less) at Crab Zone
rocks my world. The crab meat is sweet and tender, and the garlic
butter topping are truly little crunchy morsels of heaven. Garlic
lovers unite.

The tuna poke appetizer was also amazing – chunks
of ahi tuna tossed in soy, miso, and topped with scallions and dried

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies…a great, low-key
Vietnamese-owned crab joint in Laguna Beach. Walk in, get a table
pretty easily, and be prepared to have a crabgasm.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. welcome to the west coast ‘n the dungeness crab we’ve got to offer. keep in mind though, the crab season doesn’t start till around november, december ‘n around that time the price of crab will drop significantly. you can always bring one home to be stir fried on the wok or baked in the oven. or you can do it east coast style in a pot of boiling water seasoned w/ old bay. welcome to the west coast joy! congrats on your new blog.

  2. I am definitely going to Crab Zone! You cant beat seafood, garlic and butter.
    And welcome to sunny San Diego. I have been following your Freshly Found blog for a while now and love all of your inspirations. I am excited to see what great foodie suggestions you convince me to try…


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