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craft inc. business planner…


Craft-inc-business-plannerWhenever I get asked how to start a product line, I instantly direct readers to Craft, Inc. – the go-to for learning how to start and set-up a product-based business. As a follow-up to the success of Craft, Inc, Meg Mateo Ilasco has recently launched the Craft, Inc. Business Planner. The planner is packed with advice and tons of
handy worksheets, it also has room for
writing down everything from long term
goals to everyday to-dos. Congrats Meg!


  1. I just receieved this in the mail and am already planning an afternoon of filling in worksheets and drinking tea.
    I love it! It really is jam packed with fantastic info, clear forms, and some lovely little folders in the back for filing!

  2. you know, joybird, i though for a sec that you had put out a new planner and I got really excited! not that this isn’t a great tip! it is just that i can never seem to find a good journal, or planner, and I think YOU could probably design the one I like the best….mmmm??


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