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not so basic in {san diego}…



Amid a bustling bar scene in a cool industrial chic space, sits a pizza joint/bar-in-one like no other. As a recent East Coast transplant and pizza L.O.V.E.R, I'm gonna go out on
a limb and say that Basic just might have the best pizza in San Diego.
Though I haven't lived here very long, I've had my fair share of SD
eats and Basic REALLY reminds me of East Coast style pies. The
crust is unbelievable – super thin and crispy while chewy. My only complaint is that the cheese is processed, not fresh, mozzerella. But the rest of the pie is so good that it still works beautifully.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies! Basic reminds me some of the best wood oven
pizzerias in New York and CT. Thank you, Basic, for providing a small
taste of pizza from back East. I'll be back regularly to get my fix!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I like the industrial look of Basic and was surprised that a pizza place could be such a nightlife attraction when I visited SD last year.

  2. basic looks so good!
    i agree that you should try bronx pizza – that got me through many i-miss-philly days while living in SD!
    i love that you started this blog! it’s great! now please eat a lot of carne asada fries and post tons of pictures so we can live the SD life vicariously through you! 😉

  3. You need to go to Blind Lady Ale House! Though the pizza is anything but basic it is delicious! I recommend the fig and gorgonzola…mmm…

  4. Hi Joy! It’s Rachel (sara bee’s friend) I too am a fellow east coaster and if you really really want the best pizza in s.d. it’s in la jolla at a place called “regents pizza” trust me… it’s a hidden treasure.

  5. Ok, so this past week my husband and I took my Mom and sister (who are here visiting) to Basic for pizza. We live only a few blocks away so I’ve been dying to try it since reading your post!
    Can I just say…. O-M-G! That crust is to die for! We got a red pie with mozz. for the 11 year old sister, a white pie with mozz. and mashed potatoes & bacon for the husband and a red pie w/o mozz. add ricotta and basil for myself and Mom. WHOA! So good. The mashed potato pizza was really quite nice and buttery, but my favorite was the simple red sauce with ricotta and basil. Even my little sister LOVED that one! She wanted to eat it over her basic cheese pie!
    We will definitely be having this again before they leave! YUM!


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