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garlic + bacon + basil in {san diego}…


In search of a NY-style bagel place in San Diego, I came across a sweet spot called PL Bagel in Point Loma. The bagels are by far superior to most bagel shops here and surely feel sprinkled with East Coast love. However, the big unexpected discovery here was their garlic bacon basil cream cheese. Made with the above mentioned three ingredients, this cream cheese deserves to be held in high esteem and dreamt about at night.

{Happy Tip: Find the cream cheese here or recreate it using minced garlic, dried basil, and chopped bacon blended with cream cheese till smooth. Photo by Oh Joy.}


  1. You totally rock. I’ve totally been on the bagel wavelength lately. I tried Einstein Bros. bagel as apparently they were voted Best Bagel in San Diego 2007 by San Diego magazine readers (the category was missing in 2008 and 2009). Let me say: HUGE disappointment. I should have known from the assembly line atmosphere. I can’t wait to try PL Bagel.


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