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johnny cupcakes in {philadelphia}…



As a creative business person, one of the biggest tools of inspiration for me is to talk to and hear from other entrepreneurs how they turned their dreams into a successful business. For those of you in Philly, check out Johnny Cupcakes tomorrow night. He's not your typical Oh Joy style brand, but his story and success is amazing.


  1. oh, I love Johnny Cupcakes! both the brand and the person! I actually interviewed Johnny last year for an article and wrote it but sadly, it never ran 🙁 (I was an intern and had little pull, obviously!) I was totally bummed because he is so cool and I wanted the world to know!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about this — I came across it at the end of the day yesterday and was able to get to SJU to hear him speak. It was awesome and inspiring — he spoke for over 3 hours! I have followed his brand for a few years now, and the amazing identity and work ethic he has cultivated is amazing. Thank you again!


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