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lure me with pink neon…



Put a well designed sign outside your restaurant, and you'll surely peak my interest. Now get some pink neon, take a little retro inspiration, mix it with a modern twist, and I'll be sitting on your doorstep waiting and eager to see what sights and tastes await….

{images above: Roseville in San Diego – image via Roseville, Milchbar Pinguin in Germany – image via Mr. Mountain}, El Camino in San Diego – image via moi, and the Chelsea in Atlantic City – image via the Chelsea. Another great pink neon establishment (one of my favorite restaurants in the world) is Distrito in Philadelphia – image not shown.}


  1. Distrito looks AMAZING! It will definitely be on my “must eat” list next time I’m in Philly!!!

  2. I love neon signs as well, and there are tons of them in LA as well as San Diego. I’m glad that some places are keeping the signs when they renovate an older building.

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