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pumpkin fever…



I think I've caught it…it's pretty serious, and I'm not sure if a cure is in sight. All I can think about right now is how I can get my hands on pumpkin-flavored anything. I don't want to pick pumpkins. I don't want to carve them. I want to eat them. It all started with a pumpkin milkshake devoured over the weekend and this fever continues to find itself in cupcakes, lattes, and more. If you're feeling the symptoms of pumpkin fever like me, you can find medication in these pancakes, this ice cream, these cupcakes, and these doughnuts.

{Tip for SD locals: find pumpkin ice cream & milkshakes at Mariposa and pumpkin cupcakes at Heavenly. Photos above by Williams-Sonoma & Gourmet.}


  1. we’ve got the pumpkin fever, too!!! i baked a pumpkin bundt cake with dark chocolate chips and walnuts last weekend, and now the hubby and i are crazed for more pumpkin treats! thanks for these ideas!

  2. yum!! i heart pumpkin everything too. i just made the yummiest, moistest pumpkin bread and ate a whole mini loaf in the middle of the night! i know you’ll appreciate that.

  3. hah! my husband commented just last night that i had also recently caught “the fever”!
    it happens to me every fall…

  4. Well hey, you should take a trip up to Julian now that you’d in San Diego! I just went this past weekend and stocked up on all things pumpkin: pumpkin butter, pumpkin scone mix, pumpkin hand soap…

  5. I can attest to how great that Martha Stewart recipe is for pumpkin cupcakes. I’ve been making them for a while now and sometimes leave them unfrosted and give them away as “muffins.” Everyone in my office loves them!

  6. yum pumpkin everything!
    don’t forget (now that you’re in california) the pumpkin milkshakes at jack in the box. FAN-tastic!

  7. I used to live in Golden Hill area of San Diego and was a regular customer of Influx Cafe—I LOVE their pumpkin muffins and think they are the best that I have ever had. I still think that today (after moving away to Santa Barbara)
    Whenever a friend goes to visit San Diego, I tell them to go to Influx and ask them to bring me back a pumpkin muffin. Word to the wise, they are a favorite and often will be sold out by mid-morning…


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