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  1. you could always make your own polka-dotted bike helmet with reflective circle stickers (chic and safe?). I think the reflective material comes in sheets.

  2. oh man! i have been riding a scooter in rome for the past 2 1/2 years and all this time i’ve been using a stupid silver helmet when this beauty has been around? and i find out about it just when Im about to leave the country? no fair!

  3. Definitely let us know when (and where) you find the perfect bicycle helmet. I gave up on my search this summer, but I know if anyone will find one, it will be you.

  4. Joy if you’re looking for a fun bike helmet take a look at the Yakkay ones… I don’t know if they sell them in the U.S. but you could order online. I live in New Zealand so I had to get mine on a trip to France (life is hard) but I love mine!

  5. argh! if only if had a face plate part, i would scoop this up for our scooter. i feel safer with the full jaw part on there…argh. polka dots are so hard to resist…

  6. ive been searching for a motorbike helmet because in the summer my boyfriend drives me around on his. cant believe this one excists because i was hoping to find a black and white spotted one!


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