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happy thanksgiving + love you like…



I posted this over on my food blog last week but had to share here too because this poster is just so great. Made by Erin Jang as a custom piece for a bride & groom, she's currently working on prints to be available in the new year. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday everyone. Wishing you full bellies and lots of happy family time. See you back here on Monday!


  1. Um… this is really offensive, in spite of the cuteness of the design. It’s disturbing that no one has mentioned it yet. Why are “fat kids” an ok target to mock? Who wants to memorialize their love by making fun of fat children? Fat kids just love to stuff their fat faces, hence their fatness, and that’s what makes this so clever and funny… What a disgusting stereotype and you shouldn’t have to be a “fat person” or “fat kid” to see that this is mean.


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