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lunch-sized bites in {coronado}…



As a self-employed designer working out of the comfort of my very own studio, lunch can be a breeze {last night's leftovers} or a daunting task {too many deadlines, no time to make lunch}. I've recently found comfort in my new lunch haven –  Stretch's Cafe in Coronado. This low-key, no frills spot makes the best sandwiches I've had in a while from chicken salad to BLT's. Everything is fresh, tasty, and put together with care. The super friendly staff is a rare find as is their killer bacon breakfast burrito.

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. And if the food wasn’t enough, there are the views from Coronado too. It’s one of my favorite places to walk around in San Diego (LOVE the cute gazebo in the park there).

  2. awww i miss stretch’s! that used to be one of my favourite places to eat in all of san diego, let alone coronado. thanks for reminding me over here in london 🙂


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