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  1. this is gorgeous! congrats to mom. i should send this over to my mother who wants to start a cooking blog but has been procrastinating. this would be good inspiration for her.

  2. Thank you Darling for giving your fan a chance to see my work.Love you-Mom
    Many thank to all of joy’s fans for visit my blogs.-Sunanta

  3. Creativity clearly runs in the family! Fun to see.
    As I was stumbling around the design world, I came across your blog and I had to sit up straight! Lovely blog! Cheers from Seattle. Monika.

  4. I have to tell you: that painting is so beautiful, I literally had a physical/emotional reaction to it! I could feel my body reacting as if I had just come around a corner and discovered this park.
    Oh, the JOY!
    If I were financially able to purchase art, I would pay an incredibly high price to own this masterpiece. What a lovely place to lose myself in the middle of our crazy homeschooling days here at my house.
    Congratulations Mom! What a wonderful artist you are. Keep making the world more beautiful!!!


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