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happy holidays + thank you!



Just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday and thank you for reading this blog for however long you've been checking in. Your support of my work and my blog mean the world to me and make every day so enjoyable. We're going to take a little holiday break and will be back here with a bit of a facelift on Monday, January 4th after the new year. {I'll still be tweeting between now and then though!} Happy 2010 everyone!

{print by Christopher David Ryan}


  1. Have a beautiful holiday, Joy! May it be filled with light and love. I’m so thankful that I discovered your blog this year — it has inspired me over and over again. (And it’s fantastic to find a fellow San Diegan online.)

  2. Oh that is so so cute.
    Thank you for making me very joyful with your blog this year and in fact sparking my blogging obsession!
    Merry Christmas from London town

  3. to you as well – thanks for the inspiration and peeks at all sorts of things! Su in winnipeg, manitoba, canada – we are to get glorious snow tonight! woo woo


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