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{taste tested}: chocolate editions


Made with natural ingredients and in small batches,
Chocolate Editions by designers Mary & Matt, is inspired by pop art and their love of candy and confections. If candy could look happy, there's no question that these bars evoke the sunniest of dispositions. My favorite is the neapolitan bar – a mix of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry all in one bar – it's perfect for having a little bit of everything.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo & illustrations by Mary & Matt}


  1. Definitely I do have happy thought with these chocolates!!! they look really yummy and the way they display them is fantastic… they seem like a great holiday gift!

  2. yeah! go mary and matt! i can vouch!!! mary worked with me over at kate spade’s creative department. she sent me a dark chocolate bar that was so unexpected for my birthday and it was AMAZING. sure they look cool, but i am here to tell you they taste deeeelicious. and i am one fussy chocolate eater.

  3. Hello,
    They don’t seem to exist as chocolate maker anymore, do they?
    I am a packaging design collector, Is there any chance anyone as a spare wrapper?


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