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the best cupcake in {san diego}…



…is not at a cupcake shop. Yes, folks, it's true. Since arriving to San Diego five months ago, I have been to a handful of San Diego's most talked about cupcake shops {including Heavenly, Babycakes, Cups, Coronado Cupcakery, and Cupcake Love}. As it turns out, my favorites are not surrounded by a plethora of fancy flavors and cupcake paraphernalia. Instead, they peacefully co-exist with ice cream and burgers. The best in San Diego {in my humble opinion so far} can be found at the Daily Scoop & Burger Lounge.

The ice cream shop, Daily Scoop, makes just two cupcake flavors of chocolate {topped with vanilla icing} & red velvet {topped with cream cheese icing}. They are large, moist, and taste like the cupcakes that Grandma made if you had a Grandma that made cupcakes.

My favorite local burger joint, Burger Lounge, has a classic red velvet, a chocolate hostess {with vanilla cream in the middle}, vanilla hostess {with solid chocolate topping}, and seasonal pumpkin & gingerbread flavors. They are also large and in charge and almost muffin-like with their rich & moist texture.

Not surrounded in cupcake cuteness, trends, or novelty, the cupcakes from these two non-cupcakeries shine in taste, texture, and good old-fashioned homemade goodness.

{photo above by Oh Joy at Burger Lounge}


  1. Funny, my two favorites are ALSO from non-cupcakeries, Influx and Tender Greens. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’ve seen them at Burger Lounge. I tried Cups in LJ last weekend – got a few of the small ones and was pretty impressed with the flavor.

  2. That’s really interesting!! I often find cupcakes from cupcake specialty stores pretty unsatisfying… I’ll have to try the places you recommended the next time I’m down in SD!

  3. How are the burgers at Burger Lounge? I always want to go when I’m in La Jolla but end up at Sushi On The Rock. Does it have the best burgers AND the best cupcakes?

  4. Oh how I miss Burger Lounge and it’s cupcakes! But you are correct, they are by far better than those served at cupcakeries.


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