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emu love…



The other day, this Happy Lady and some fun foodie friends stumbled upon an emu egg at a local farmer's market. With it's gorgeous dark turquoise exterior, we were intrigued and happily paid $10 for this fine large-and-in-charge eggy specimen.


Said to be equivalent to 18 regular sized eggs, we whipped up some scrambled eggs for a morning breakfast befit for 5 people. The eggs were lighter and fluffier than your average egg and seriously delightful. This one was closer to 10 to 12 eggs in quantity and easily served our small group of emu-curious connoisseurs.

Final thoughts…different, delicious, and an experience to write home about! Definitely worth a try for feeding a family or group of four or more.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Wow!! Who would’ve known that you could eat emu eggs and they would be good! The egg shell is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I’ve never seen anyone cook a emu egg… the most ostrich but never emu… very interesting and if I ever see one I’ll try it!!! 😉

  3. That’s so interesting! I’ve always wanted to try an emu egg…How would you even cook it? Like a normal egg?

  4. which farmer’s market did you find this at? I would love to try this. lately i’ve been busy so when i go to the market i have a list and my favorites. you miss stuff when you do that.

  5. Wow what a gorgeous egg! In the future, if you would like to save the shell, you can use a pin to poke a hole in the top and bottom of the egg and blow out the contents. I used to do this with regular eggs when I was a kid to make “egg babies” which I would then decorate and play with like dolls (strange, I know). It takes about 10 minutes or so for 1 egg, so it might be a bit much for an 18-egger but worth a shot for such a pretty shell.

  6. I’m going to a party tonight and you have to bring a dish you have always wanted to make. I have always wanted to cook with strange eggs, so I’m making a emu quiche.
    I went to the farmer’s market this morning, but they didn’t bring any eggs. I had to drive out to Lakeside to get the one emu egg they had.
    I’m excited, it’s beautiful.

  7. thanks for this. I saw this egg the other day at Whole Foods in NY but there was no sign so I had no idea what the heck it was! now I know.

  8. I dropped my ostrich egg yesterday and had great experiments with it today – kind of a “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” experience. I have had that egg for at least 20 years and always intended to decorate it and never dared to do it because I was afraid I’d mess up and now I’m delighted and have had so much fun drilling holes in it and dyeing the chips all sorts of colors, WHAT FUN! ! !


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