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happy friday + megadoily…



Happy last Friday of January all! This month has really flown by. Today, I leave you with this super fun mega doily rug by the girls over at Ladies & Gentlemen. This rug (and DIY instructions) will be part of a new book, Crafting a Meaningful Home by Meg Mateo Ilasco, coming out this fall and published by STC Craft. I've seen this piece in person, and it's seriously amazing!

And congrats to Jennifer C. from Long Beach, CA for winning the Lines & Shapes collection! Thanks to everyone who entered! Have a great weekend all!

{photo by Ladies & Gentlemen}


  1. It’s like a huge doily for your floor! What could be better then that? It looks like a wonderful place to sit down & have some tea.

  2. Aha…this is beautiful! It reminds me of a huge doily bedspread that my mom used in our guest room as a kid. I’ve never seen anything else like it. Unique!

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen is one of my fave stores when it comes to modern, stylish, and innovative designs for my house. And oh, they have a new innovation on the house huh. I guess I have to check them out for this. The rug looks lovely and I want to know how comfortable it is to the sole of the feet. =) These pieces are a good help to the flooring designs of any home area.

  4. Thank you Joy and everyone!
    I can’t wait for Meg’s book comes out! man….It’s so hard to keep it in knowing what I know about the book…and I can’t spill the beans yet!
    All I have to say is that there are lots of great craft projects from a handful of amazing artists/designers for the book.
    and Joy’s project is totally awesome!


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