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{lust list} milk in los angeles



While I normally post about places I have actually been to, there are certainly plenty of foods and restaurants I haven't yet tried but am dying to try. Just like that handbag you want but really don't need, I've got plenty of food spots on my lust list.

Milk in Los Angeles may seem like your average modern eatery. But lo and behold, they've got a sweet side that will make any sugar-centric glutton drool. French macaron ice cream sandwiches, ridiculous milkshakes, and baked goods aplenty. Milk, watch out, I'm coming for you…

{photos by Milk}


  1. I so very wish I had known about this while I was up there this past weekend.
    That’s ok. It just gives me a good reason to go back. Soon.

  2. milk is a delight!! i had their ice cream sandwiches not at their store but at Umami burger where they are also served. DELISH! Both the burgers and the ice cream sandwiches. Seriously, i have dreams about them…


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