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{taste tested}: neuchatel’s swiss chips…



I first laid my eyes and taste buds on Neuchatel's Swiss Chips five years ago when my former boss brought them into the office after a trip to the Chocolate Show. Many chocolate covered chips have since come and gone before me, but the Neuchatel chips always stood out in the back of my sweet & savory mind as the pinnacle of chocolate-doused fried potato delight.

Both sweet and savory, these chips balance light Swiss chocolate with salty ridged potato chips just perfectly. And, it pairs quite nicely with a bitter beer or scotch on the rocks.

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo by Oh Joy. thermos by Kate Spade, napkin by DwellStudio.}


  1. YUM! These remind me of some Humphry Slocombe ice cream I had at the SF restaurant Spork. It was called After School Special and was made of vanilla malt ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips and a caramel swirl. So good.

  2. I’d love to try these!
    I’ve only ever tried Royce’s chocolate coated potato chips which are pretty good but just way too greasy underneath the chocolate.

  3. The Neuchatel Chocolate Shoppe is located near my home. They utilize Herr’s Rippled Potato Chips for their chocolate-covered chips. Herr’s factory is located near my home as well here in Oxford, Pennsylvania. We are very proud of these two companies, and we LOVE their products! THE BEST!


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