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{taste tested}: readymade mochi rice cakes



A few months ago, I posted this recipe for making your very own mochi rice cakes to sprinkle on top your faux Pinkberry homemade frozen yogurt. While the recipe isn't too difficult, I've found pre-made mochi you can buy! {And isn't buying something always easier than making it?}

Nuts Online carries mochi rice cakes in 1 lb. bags that can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months. This version is pretty comparable to the mochi found at Pinkberry and is perfect to have on hand for home snacking. One their own, the sweet rice flavor is magnified and tastes similar in texture and flavor to marshmallows. But these suckers really do shine when topped on tart frozen yogurt as the tart balances out the sweet mochi leaving a firm, chewy, and yummy texture.

Final thoughts…4.5 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo by Oh Joy. flower salt & pepper box from Tabulatua, napkin from Dwellstudio.}


  1. oh I love your blog so much ! It’s fantastic to see all this food which seem to bo SO tasty. And pictures ale always very nice. I hope you’ll eat much more wonderful things in your life 😉

  2. thank thank thank you for posting this!!! i loooove mochi anything and living here in the middle of spokane, wa makes it very hard to get this chewy goodness. i have to wait for an la visit to get my fix, but now thanks to you, i can have them delivered to my front door!! 😀


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