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goodbye bryant park, hello lincoln center…



Since 1993, New York Fashion Week has been held in the tents at Bryant Park. This fashion week {which starts today} marks the last season of the tents at Bryant Park before they move to Lincoln Center next season. The tent design, created by Almeter Design, offers a poignant and graphic homage to this venue with quotes from notables in the fashion industry and their sweet memories of Bryant Park.

{photos by Getty images via Almeter Design of the current tents being installed.}


  1. Bryant Park will be missed, but I am excited about the move to Lincoln Center…change is sometimes a good thing and Lincoln Center brings a whole new wave of culture and art to the shows!

  2. i posted about this too ( and though i was sad at first, i’m actually excited about the move now. am i the only one excited about the prosepct of real bathrooms at fashion week?! that said, i feel incredbily lucky that i got to attend new york fashion week at bryant park. i’ll never forget standing right next to tim gunn in line (why didn’t i ask him to be my bff?!)…
    i’ll also miss reviving and resting my battered, blistered feet in beautiful bryant park with one of those yummy orange creamsicle shakes from wichcraft, but i’m sure lincoln center will hold new treats and adventures… and with more space, perhaps more seating at shows?


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