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happy friday + japanese inspiration…



Last night, I took a quick trip to my local Japanese grocery store to satisfy a sushi craving and found myself engrossed in their bookstore. I left with cookbooks {that I can't read} and one floral magazine called Hanajikan. I've always love the small, simple, yet sweet elements of Japanese design and wanted to share these floral pieces with you today. This is especially for those of you on the East Coast who could use the pick-me-up while being buried under all that snow!

Just a reminder that the Oh Joy Survey + Kate Spade Giveaway closes tonight at 11:59PM EST. Thanks for those of you who entered, and thanks so much for so kindly welcoming our new intern Bekka. Finally, I've added a link to my Formspring account on the top right of the page, so feel free to ask me anything that others may also be curious about. Happy weekend & happy valentine's day!

{photos by hanajikan}


  1. Joy, I’ve been shooting for Hanajikan mag for a few years now, they are a great team, passionate people 🙂 the Japanese grocery store looks great btw!

  2. thanks for brightening my day… just as you said, being stuck in all this snow it was definitely needed! I LOVE those little black & yellow flowers in the upper left photo- do you know what they are?


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