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  1. awesome. first saw this on door16’s site. we’re thinking about getting a couple for ourselves once we get back to commuting to work! the customizable colour scheme makes them so much fun and personable too!

  2. Just ordered. I’m not so sure that the eco-friendly part isn’t totally negated by having them shipped to the US from Australia, but, well, they are cute, microwaveable, machine-washable, and won’t confuse my local Starbucks lady. I’d say that’s a win. So I bought one for my brother as well.

  3. keep cups are great. i’m from melbourne,australia (they are made here) and my boyfriend and i have 3 between us. (one spare for visitors). You just don’t realize how wasteful takeaway coffee cups are until you get a keep cup. get one! or two or three! x

  4. Las tazas las podéis encontrar en todas las medidas en una tienda de Madrid, Sabores Ocultos, también las envían a toda España


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