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  1. I used to live a few blocks from the SD zoo and would go over with my lunch everyday when I was working from home. There is no doubt in my mind that this is where Dr. Seuss got his inspiration for his crazy illustrations

  2. ooohhh these are beautiful images. is that a peacock on the top left? if so, amazing colors. and the one in the center i cannot make out what kind of animal he/she is, but it sure is cute. its been a long time since i’ve been to the zoo, i think i just may. thanks for sharing =).

  3. The most amazing Zoo trip I’ve ever had, and the company made it even better. Thank you for a wonderful time! The Pandas were my favorite. Too bad you can’t hang out with them longer.

  4. I abosolutely love that place. My Fiance and I always get the annual pass and you get to go to the Wild animal park as well….We miss going there ever since we moved back to the bay!! Thanks for sharing your pics!

  5. I prefer the wild animal park just north of the city, but I never actually got to go to the SD zoo on any of my trips yet.

  6. Wow! You actually got to see animals! lol. When we were there, it was so hot the animals were either sleeping or hiding in their settings. We did manage to see plenty of lizards though. The flamingoes were a bit hit with our then 3 year old! Lovely pics.

  7. there are animals at the SD zoo!? hehe it was raining so much when we were there they were ALL hiding away, and who could blame them! we were hiding away in the bus 😉

  8. I also dislike seeing animals in captivity. If there is going to be a zoo in this country it needs to be the size of all of them put together. The cage/living areas are WAY TOO SMALL. Every time I have visited a zoo (to inspect) the animals look bored. Sad. We can do better.


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