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oh joy rx…


When asked what other profession I'd be in another life, one of my top responses {I swear!} is "a high school guidance counselor". For some reason, I find immense satisfaction from helping others find their path to successful careers that make them truly happy. Over the years, I've consulted my design clients on various parts of their branding and business and decided last year to offer the service separately for those who just needed feedback, direction, or a boost in creative thinking about their brand or careers. So…we've recently {and officially} added Oh Joy Rx to the Oh Joy website and wanted to share the fun news and this new branch of my business with you today.


  1. Good luck on this new venture! I remember I asked you a letterpress questions a few years ago, and you gave an incredibly thoughtful and long response 🙂 Best of luck!

  2. I have the credentials to be a high school guidance counselor but am working in a non-profit in a semi-related job because of the lack of funding in schools, and just DYING to start a creative career. Maybe I should get a prescription! 😉

  3. This is a cute & clever idea.
    I am curious though about the format. For businesses, this seems like consulting, but for individuals, is this consulting or is it an advice column? Or is that really what business consulting is? Oh dear, I think I am confusing myself…

  4. That’s really great! I’m thinking about getting into the stationary design business in the next couple of years and, getting feedback from people like yourself would be invaluable.

  5. Oh my god! What a great idea!! I may very well be a client in the future! This is great, since I know there are so many creative types who need a little guidance!!

  6. What a fantastic thing! I very much look up to your career and the fact that you are so open and ungaurded with your bits of wisdom and advice is so refreshing! Thanks!

  7. Www, I have been so neglectful of reading blogs, your being one of the ones I used to regularly frequent (even if I didn’t comment).
    Off to your website to find out more about this….lovely idea!!
    My lucky day!


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